Monday, March 5, 2012

S.W.A.G. Yuma Event #9 Fun Photos

     There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for these pics except for  the fact that they are fun and some of my favs.  Also - a few people have asked that I share them.

When, other than this event, will you see a grown man playing with bubbles, out in public, on a crowded street, and not afraid to show that he is having a good time !?  I may be wrong but I think he has done this before.


     The art on the walls at Lute's Casino was a blast to look at.  Altho it did cause a bit of a problem.  A person tends to run into people when walking around with their eyes turned up wards.   Sorry to a couple of waitresses who had to dodge us.

    Great to run into old friends from the past.  "Good to see ya, Woody."

     Such an intriguing piece of equipment.  I could have taken pictures all day of this one.  We did get some great ones.

      There were a ton of coots feeding in the grassy area and along the water.   It was fun to watch them take off in such a large group.

     One little guy decided to stick around and do the poker run with us. 

       SchnauzerQueen &     WeenieQueen                                                            Isn't this cute !  Sisterly love.  Now - if they can just get along on that long ride home !                                                          

       Remarkable Travel Bug Hotel !  I have never seen anything like this.  Must be great to have connections.                                       We explored this one with Black Cat, Cute Kitty 1, and Johnny Cache Az, who were the ones who led us in this direction.  Thanks so much to them.  This is amazing. 
                                                                          We loved the event and all the people we met.  And will for sure be back again next year.  I am hoping that S.W.A.G. enjoys sponsoring this as much as we enjoyed attending.
                                                                       Next year we will know a little more about how to find the special caches and check those out also.
     WeenieQueen rocked out to her favorite tunes all the way home,
 while SchnauzerQueen caught up on some much needed sleep.  All and all, a great little road trip. 

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