Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TB Dogs - love them

     As a lover of dogs, this is one of my favorites when it comes to caching.  The Travel Bug Dog.  I had read about them and seen a few pics on sites but when attending the Yuma Event #9 in February 2012, I got to meet my very first TB dog.  And my second.  And my third. 
     SchnauzerQueen, WeenieQueen and I headed out on the Poker Run  and ran into Tiger, a beautiful and so well behaved pup.  It was obvious that Tiger was as excited to be at the event as we all were.  Later in the day we saw that her owners, Cwolvs,  had come equipped with her own little pop up crate so she could chill out in style.  

     Next up was Serang Nanake.  WeenieQueen and I headed out to meet a couple who had a lot of memorabilia, and willing to let their fellow cachers thumb thru their scape books full of photos, newspaper clippings, coins, tags, and more.  And there she was, the little Serang Nanake.  Our interest shifted quickly from memorabilia to the pup.  She is a petite little thing, comfortable with these busy surroundings even tho she is blind.  Yep, totally blind.  At first a little tear comes to the eye just seeing her there, not able to see the beauty of her surrounding.  That doesn't last long, not even long enough for the tear to fall,  when you see the confidence she has and the ability to be social with all these strangers and enjoy herself.  Great little girl. Her owners, Rainbirds, told up the meaning of her name but for the life of me, I can’t remember.  Darn.  Tho we adored this pup, her owners were a couple of the neatest and most knowledgeable people at the entire event.  Love them.

     Again, WeenieQueen and I went in search of interesting people and photo ops.  We found our TB Dog number 3.  Spikester, a long hair Chihuahua, was in the arms of one of is owners, Bronco Busters.  Again, a super neat dog; it was a little later in the day and I think he was ready for a nap. 

     Here's my thought.  My partners in crime, when it comes to Geocaching, are WeenieQueen and SchnauzerQueen.  They each have two dogs, who they love dearly, consider their children, thus their caching names.  So - Why no TB Dogs in my group?  This is an issue I believe needs to be addressed.  I will ask each of them and share their response. 

     And then it will be time to figure out TB Vehicles.   

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