Saturday, May 26, 2012

GeoWoodstock Is Happening - Without Me

     I can't believe that I am not going to make it to GeoWoodstock this year.  I had so thought it would be perfect.  There's lots of family-in-laws that live there that I haven't seen in years and there are a couple of nieces just a couple hours away from this location also.  But alas - I will staying in the heat of Arizona.  And to make it all worse, my niece, SchnauzerQueen, is staying home also.  I was really counting on living this event thru her.  Oh well, maybe next year it will be closer or I will be better prepared.

     Here is a little bit of an article that I clipped off the official GeoWoodstock site.

Hello from the GeoWoodstock X Team

Wow! It is FINALLY time we can tell our geocaching friends that GeoWoodstock X will bring the event back to its roots. The 2012 event will be held on the Sunny Side of Louisville in Sellersburg, Indiana.
One would be hard-pressed to find another location as rich in GeoWoodstock history as the Louisville/Southern Indiana area. From the very first GeoWoodstock held in Louisville, area geocachers have always been a part of GeoWoodstock history.
From its inception, many of the area geocachers have followed GeoWoodstock across the nation year after year. Of the original 75 attendees, 24 are InKy (the Southern Indiana/Louisville KY geocaching group) members. Of the Elite Eight, those who have attended all GeoWoodstock events, four are InKy members.
Three of the four event organizers have attended many GeoWoodstock events and understand the enormous preparation and background work entailed in putting an event of this size together. Organizers have supported GeoWoodstock from its inception. Three were attendees at the first GeoWoodstock held in Louisville, Kentucky. Two have attended all past GeoWoodstock events. Another has attended seven GeoWoodstock events and managed on-site registration at the first GeoWoodstock I and VII. Our fourth member attended his first GeoWoodstock in Warren this year.
The GeoWoodstock X Team hit the road running as soon as we were awarded the bid. Plans are locked in place for venues, events, food and lots more. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We will be pushing out news a little at a time so check back often.
But, what is GeoWoodstock and what can you expect? GeoWoodstock is the world's largest geocaching event but most of all it is FUN! It is a laid back social event. It is an opportunity to meet cachers from your region and around the world. Rub elbows with new cachers, geocaching legends, extreme cachers, geocaching vendors, lackeys … well, you get the picture. Everyone will be converging on Sellersburg, Indiana to celebrate the 10 anniversary of GeoWoodstock.
Come celebrate the 10th annual GeoWoodstock. Spend the day socializing or spend the week touring our fabulous region. It's all up to you. 

     I love the fact that Sellersburg, Indiana is welcoming the cachers.  When I read this restaurant's menu, my mouth watered and I almost
changed my mind about making the trip.  Can you believe - it is so different in the Midwest.   I believe we should credit to those who support the cachers.
 Here's a little bit from the menu of The Fireside Bar and Grill 

 Enough about food -
Since I have never been to GeoWoodstock, all I can do is show you a bit from the past events.  After this event, I will bring you a story or two from fellow cachers who were lucky enough to attend.

 This is from the third event - held in Jacksonville, Florida.

This huge crowd attended the seventh annual GeoWoodstock in
Bell Buckle, Tennessee.


     Well, I'm throwing my pennies in an ammo can and going to practice this time management thing.  Just maybe I will make it next year.  In the mean time, watch next week for some stories from GeoWoodstock X.


  1. Such a bummer! I too thought I'd make it. I grew up only 2 hrs away! But I got a new job an am not eligible to take vacation time until next month ;-(

    Next year!!! And I hope it is some place cool (temp. wise)

  2. i have been looking at the site to see if they are going to announce the location for next years event. haven't found it yet. cross your fingers for a good location that we all can make/