Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Writers Welcome

     In the beginning, that would be the blog beginning, my goal was to post a couple times a week and also to have guest writers.  I have very little caching experience so I am limited with my stories.  The gypsy in me want to be on the road every month traveling and hunting down new caches.  But, not quite able to do that, just yet. 
     Much to my surprise, I am not Super Woman. I have a business to run and other sites to maintain, a family that consist of sibling, kids, grand kids, great grand baby, grand dogs, a home and a garden and a few friends, etc.
  - and no matter how hard I try, I can not make my days 48 hours long.  Believe me, I have been trying.  So I went in search of guest to share their experiences and a few
have come through.  you can look forward to some great
stories and videos.

    To start with - I want to introduce you to Joshua Johnson, also known as Mayberryman in the caching world.  I met him through my niece who connected with him through Facebook.  I have yet to meet Joshua in person but from what I can see from his profile, he is a super guy.  He takes the entire family, including three young kids, on regular caching adventures.  You will see from his future videos that he lives life, and caching, with great enthusiasm.
 Introducing Joshua Johnson
     His pics and vids are worth a thousand words, so that is what i will share, mostly.   And that is what I will start with - a typical pic from his Facebook and the link to one of his vids.  ENJOY !
Spooky Night Geocache-
"This was one of the final caches I found to complete the 366 calendar day challenge, before leap day. The cache just happened to be a night cache. It was a little spooky as I was in the dark looking for reflective tacks in the woods."


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