Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A True Geocacher

     It's International Geocaching Day and so many of us have been looking up events on to attend.  And how exciting that we get a little bonus for attending. Then you have the Coombs family of London, United Kingdom who made a plan to celebrate the day with their own plan.  Not concerned about the recognition or the numbers or the event bonus, they made it a great family day of caching and play.  Dave Coombs says that they had gotten away from caching for a while but jumped right back in with this weekend of geocaching, kite flying and fun in Sumners Pond

     Take a look at these photos - what fun.
 Wesley  Coombs
with Tony  Makepeace
Cheyenne 'Zacky' Ferry
kite flying 
more smiles with the kite flying
cool  pup
plenty of room in the pool 
Wesley does more than just fly kites
 Elisha  Ferry
Genie  Marshall
Did anybody think about inviting Jeff Foxworthy?
Beautiful clouds - hope they didn't put a damper on the day.

Thanks to Dave Coombs for sharing his family weekend.

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