Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Those Brits!

      International Geocaching Day is just that.  International.  In my searching for World wide events I found this information from Sam.  Sam told me of his plans a few days before the big day and it did sound interesting.  He would be involved in a flash mob (GC3R4VX)
where the participants would be wearing pants on their heads.  OK - weird but absolutely the kind of event that gets my attention.  I love anything out of the norm and not bubbles.

     The IGD comes along and good ole' Sam adds a photo to his Facebook page that I get to use.  Ya know the saying - "One picture is worth a thousand words"?  This is very true here.  I am either very naive or I just couldn't picture, in my head, the good residents of Maidstone having this much fun.

And here you have it !
Flash Mob - International Geocaching Day 2012
Maidstone, UK
and no - they don't have 'pants' on their heads.  They have their underwear type 'pants' on their heads !  
I love this.
One more photo note - do you see the name on the building in the background?  Could it get any better?

     The easiest way to share what Sam had to say is to relay part of our conversation with you.
how did the flash mob go today? did you get any pictures? would love to hear how it went.
yeah was fab didnt get home till gone 1am as we all went out caching after to do a 4.5/5 plus some
ill find some pics to send you
kcc mad lot flas mobbing

thanks so much. after i get the info and do the story, i will send you the link. such fun it sounds like.
cool yeah was good fun got some strange looks then wernt allowed in the pub as they have a no hats polisy lmao
that is way too funny. what about a no pants policy. !
lol we were allowed to were them over our trousers but we went to bk instead
can't wait to see some pics. hope you can get some my way. i think i have to come there next year. more fun !

     There you have it.  If I get more photo and information, I will be sharing it soon.
Thanks so much to Sam for sharing the picture and the fun.

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