Friday, January 11, 2013

Attention Geocachers - Mega Event Coin

Brought to you by S*W*A*G* - This is sure to be an item in great demand.
 Not only is this the coin that represents Yuma Mega Event #10, the very first MEGA event in Arizona, but it is a really sharp looking coin. Check out the texture, raised images and the colors are amazing.

So Geocachers, even it you are not going to attend the event, this is a coin to purchase.   I bet, if you are a coin collector you already have.

I'm makin' it easy for you  -  here's the link for the purchase - check it out - just click on the link.

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Yuma Mega Event # 10 Up Date on Events


  1. Prison History
    The prison accepted its first inmate on July 1, 1876. For the next 33 years 3,069 prisoners, including 29 women, served sentences there for crimes ranging from murder to polygamy. The prison was under continuous construction with labor provided by the prisoners. In 1909, the last prisoner left the Territorial Prison for the newly constructed Arizona State Prison Complex located in Florence, Arizona.
    On the S*W*A*G Yuma Event coin you will fine the Wagon used to transport the prisoners. Also is the main look-out tower located on the top portion of the coin. Just above the tracking number your will find the Main Gate entrance to the Yuma Territorial Prison. A piece of history and a part of Yuma, hope you enjoy!

  2. that is pretty neat info. for anyone who has never been to Yuma or the prison there, now you will better understand the coin. and the prison is right across the road (kinda) from the event location. makes for a great photo op

  3. I deleted two posts because of the spelling "fine" instead of "Find" on the wagon. I give up!

  4. i didn't even notice when i read it. guess i have automatic spell check. which is funny since i am a terrible speller.