Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yuma Mega Event # 10 Up Date on Events

S*W*A*G* & Jeep'en Jumpers are gonna do it again.  They are going to pull of another very successful event.  Not just an event, but a MEGA EVENT.   Arizona's very first Mega.

Yuma Mega Event # 10 ( GC3NGQQ ) will take place in Yuma Arizona the weekend of February 10, 2013.  The attendance, at this point, is about double the total of last year's event and it isn't just a quirk, it has taken years of hard work to get this event to the current status.  I asked Robert McNeece what he attributed the success to and his answer was "When GC put's out their mailing list each week we just get hit with more people. Have not other reason so that must be it."  And the fact that this is the very first Mega in Arizona is a huge draw.

Here's how the weekend events are rounding out, as of today -
Friday, February 8 - Geocaching Challenge Day with 10 new caches.
3 new night caches; they say to bring  your flashlights and batteries.  I say to bring your jackets too; those desert nights can get pretty chilly.
At 6 pm - the Warm Up Before The Warm Up ( GC43VZG ), brought to you by 'Just Hike'.

Saturday - 2:30 kicks off the days events with Flash Mob Chicken Dance; in years past, this was done as a Bubble Flash Mob but it is changin' up.  Rumor has it that SchnauzerQueen may be heading up this group.  Guaranteed that the photos will be more fun then they were in the past.

3 pm will be the official Meet and Greet ( GC41MVJ ) at a different location.  As much fun as it was down town before, this group has grown and just needs more room.  You will love this place for sure.  Sweet sports bar type atmosphere with plenty of choices for food and drink.  Bring you cash; this night is on you.

Sunday - starts at Gateway Park at 9 am with games and challenges, including the Poker Run, Find Your G Spot (hummm, i will have to research this one and do a post on it), a CITO challenge with prizes, and a little dexterity game.  There's the 50/50 Raffle, Geocoin Show and swap, travel bug view and discover, and a ton of drawings for sure.

Noon - The free tri tip BBQ will be served.  Bring your own beverages. Just wondering - how many cows will it take to feed this group?  Wondering also - did Robert McNeece have a clue what he was getting himself into this year?
1 pm  the drawings and prize routine will begin.
1:30 will be the beginning of the CITO Event  ( GC42K33 )
Well, that covers it for now.  If that isn't enough for you, then come up with another event to add to all this and check with Robert to see if it fits in.  Ya still got time! 

I have some questions but that will be in the next post about the Yuma Mega Event #10 post, in a couple of days. 

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