Saturday, July 28, 2012

National Dance Day

      Some people can dance and others can Geocache.  But can they do both?  Since today is National Dance Day, I have been searching for that video that proves that they can.  Certainly, from the cachers that I have seen dance -  well, I have a difficult time saying that I can truly call it dancing.  If any cacher out there wants to prove me wrong, please do and send me a little video as proof.  I will be more than happy to post if you will allow.

     Here is what I have found to this point.

     Here is Spindoc Bob in his ongoing compilation of dancing at some of his finds around the country and overseas.   Well - we'll give him a '10' for enthusiasm and creativity. 

     Then I was lucky enough to find our dear friend, Joshua Johnson, doin' a little dancing with his family and friends.  Here we have Mayberryman and Gilby heading out to find 9 FTF and the well deserved victory dance.

     You have seen what I have found - you be the judge.  And let me know.

     Here's a Geocaching Challenge for ya - find a geocacher who can really dance.  What a fun competition that would be.  For myself, I will stick to the search of swag.

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